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Marilyn Stewart is a founding member and top business leader of ForeverGreen International. With a passion for nutrition and human physiology, Marilyn has been on the cutting edge of the health and wellness field for over 25 years. Graduating with a B.Ed. degree from the University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada) followed by 10 years experience as a teacher, Marilyn has utilized her natural gift as a educator in different modalities throughout her life. She has mentored, coached and inspired thousands of people worldwide in the fields of health, business, networking, healing arts, kinesiology, athletic sports, relationships and parenting. After 15 successful years in the networking industry as a business leader, Marilyn earned her credentials and achievements from her on-going inner drive and dedication of empowering people to be the leaders of their own life. She has worked closely with Ron Williams, CEO and Founder of ForeverGreen International, since 2000 and has built a million dollar business globally through ForeverGreen. Marilyn is a leader and innovator, who loves to take new ideas and projects from inspiration to reality. As a founding member of Center for Hearts, she intends to create a paradigm shift in cardiovascular disease through prevention, education, awareness and responsibility by integrating world-class technology and  nutrition.

Sarah Stewart

Marketing Director, Technician and Trainer, Founder

Sarah Stewart has been a business owner/partner and marketing director  of T.E.A.M. Connections, with her mother Marilyn Stewart, for six years. She earned her degree in Architectural Interior Design in Long Beach, California, graduating with a 4.0 G.P.A. and started a successful design firm in her home provence Alberta. Sarah is a born entrepreneur with a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. After six years as a business owner in the natural health and preventative field, Sarah passion led her to be a founding member of Center for Hearts. She brings with her specialized skills and experience in graphic and web design and is Center for Hearts creative consultant. As a certified operator of Pulse Wave Technology, she has screened several thousand people of various ages and ethnic backgrounds across North America and Mexico. Utilizing Pulse Wave Technology and ForeverGreen's nutraceutical product Pulse-8, Sarah is devoted to creating a preventative and solution-orientated mind-set through millions people and shift the global epidemic of cardiovascular disease. Her intention is to empower, transform and educate the youth of today to understand the value of optimal health for their future. Sarah is an advocate of prevention and teacher of self-care and self-reliance.

Marilyn Stewart

Director and Founder

Board of Directors


Center for Hearts is the distribution and training center for the FDA-approved technology BPro®, A-Pulse CASPro®, A-Pulse CASPal® and PULSE-8 nutraceutical. 


Center for Hearts is about education and transformation, beginning with the Heart of the Matter! CFH was inspired by new ground breaking technology to significantly revolutionize diagnosing, monitoring and managing blood pressure and a essential nutritional technology back by Nobel Prize research in medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular health. 

Our vision is to create a dynamic impact and paradigm shift through awareness and education for the prevention, treatment and management of cardiovascular disease. CFH has a powerful solution to an escalating global epidemic and will lead the world by literally changing the face of public health.

Adam Saucedo, MD

Chief Medical Advisor and Founder

Dr. Adam Saucedo was born and raised in Latin America. He studied as an undergraduate at Salem College in Salem, Massachusetts before earning his Medical Degree at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1993. While serving as a soldier in the United States Army stationed in Germany, Dr. Saucedo served in the emergency room serving members of the armed forces who were wounded during operations in North Africa, Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. In 2001, Dr. Saucedo founded a multi-specialty practice and medical imaging center in Salt Lake City, UT before his partnership negotiated the purchase of the landmark Doxey- Hatch Building, which opened its doors in early 2005 to become one of the largest eating disorder patient care facilities in the world. For the next three years, Dr. Saucedo served as the managing partner and CEO. Dr. Saucedo is also the current recipient of a coveted fellowship in research focused on drug discovery and the study of angiogenesis. Understanding angiogenesis will help fight almost all disease. Dr. Saucedo lectures locally and internationally on nutrition and health.

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